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Our Private Dining Rooms

Nihonbashi Honten offers diners a choice of 7 unique private rooms, the most of any Japanese Restaurant in Sri Lanka and perhaps even the world!.

Hana Room

Seating : 2 Guests (+2 kids can be accommodated)

A cozy casual room with traditional wooden floors.That is ideal for a couple or guest with kids.It is a totami style room situated on the ground floor.

Wine Room

Seating : 4 Guests

Experience the harmonious blend of Japanese cuisine and wine in the sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing wine room. Located on the upper floor, this room is designed to resemble a wine cellar and equipped with an iPod to create a captivating ambiance that suits the mood of the diners.

Ryu Room

Seating : 6 Guests

Experience the beauty of an airy and spacious tatami room, exquisitely designed to seamlessly connect with the restaurant's enchanting rock garden. Located on the ground floor, this room offers a harmonious blend of tranquillity and open space.

En Room

Seating : 6 Guests

Enter this captivating ground floor room that exudes the magnificence of Ancient Japan. Precisely designed with tradition and elegance in mind, the room showcases an extraordinary antique sword chest—a cherished family heirloom of the Munidasa family. This remarkable feature evokes a sense of awe and reverence, transporting guests to a bygone era of grandeur and heritage.

Azuma Room

Seating : 10 Guests

A western style dining room on the ground floor with an enchanting view of the restaurant’s rock garden. The centrepiece of this room is the magnificent dining table made of a single piece of “Pare Mara” bark.

Samurai Room

Seating : 25 Guests

Located on the upper floor, this 400sq ft mini banquet room is an ideal space for various group functions. Whether it's a cocktail party, press conference, business dinner, or a tour group, this versatile room caters to a range of event needs.